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Post your favorite blogs

Post by Bushido » Mon May 21, 2007 8:45 am

I've got three of 'em. They're all sports blogs but the best blogs are sports blogs anyway. There are other great blogs out there but these ones I read consistently. Plus it's easier to keep a list to three. Anyways, here they be, ranked in order of how awesome they are.

1. Fire Joe Morgan

I love baseball. I love hating Joe Morgan. Add in the fact that Ken Tremendous is a Red Sox fan (but albeit a great one in that he knows when to be critical and realistic), plus he's a knowledgeable baseball fan and you get the greatest baseball blog out there. Joe Morgan is an afront to all that is intelligent (hopefully KT has never seen any broadcast featuring Jamie Campbell) and calling him out on his idiocy never gets old. Ever.
Joe Morgan: I think Ortiz has contributed big hits, but hasn't been as consistent as he'd like...If you look at that team overall, you still have to wonder where the runs are going to come from, other than Manny and Ortiz, so I'm not convinced they're going to be consistent.

Ken Tremendous: How exactly has Ortiz not been "consistent?" he has a 1.046 OPS in 140 AB, with 9 HR and 28 BB. It's not like he put all that up in a 2-week stretch. He has been incredibly consistent. You can't just say stuff like that, man. Also, with Manny, Lugo, Crisp, Pedroia, and JD Drew all biting it hard, the Sox lead the AL in runs and have a .814 OPS. They are walking like maniacs (170, tops in the AL) and thus have a .369 team OBP. You know what that means? That means they have a very good chance at being "consistent," because their hot start is not based on flukey BA stats that will even out. This is why it's good to walk a lot. Because it allows your offense to be consistent. Hence: You are a moron.
2. Kissing Suzy Kolber

NFL and babes. Mostly NFL. With a *frig* ton of humor.
Pacman Jones: I tossed paper currency on an exotic dancer in a manner suggestive of meteorological precipitation. Then I had sex with her without saying "thank you."

Chris Henry: Pick up the packet under your desk. Read items one through eight on my rap sheet. Don't do them, 'cept six, that's still going through appeal in the courts, so we'll wait on that.
3. The Big Picture

Home of the infamous "Would you do..." entries. It's not as witty as KSK but it still makes me laugh out loud and not in a stupid "LOL" sense. It is truly funny. It's borderline frat humor but not as stupid. It's definitely about a billion times better than anything ever written by FHM, Stuff, Maxim and other "Diet Playboy" magazines. For the record, "Diet Playboy" is not my own phrase, but it's accurate. Thanks, whoever came up with it!

Plus it has interviews with other sports bloggers and that's a cool thing.

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Post by Inquiring Mind » Mon May 21, 2007 2:01 pm

Unscrewing The Inscrutable

Why I Hate You

Geeks are Sexy

Other than that I only really read my friends blogs and my own... actually I don't even read my own much less does anyone else... :lol:

Look. We can go round and round about this all the live long day. Let's keep it simple. I embody amazement. Can you dig on that? Good. Then meet me on the corner of rock and roll, and bring a flask of something that burns.

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Post by Stampman » Mon May 21, 2007 4:36 pm

I'd say my own blog, but I don't update it a lot anymore--mostly time issues--but you never know about the future.

My favorite blogs are Christian ones--so be warned if you click on any of these links--they all present a Christian view of things that not all will agree with. This is a satirical look at the modern Church. Often humourous, but with a point. I laugh and I think, and try not to choke on my lunch. Some humour, some teaching, some history, some games, some good stuff--makes me think. This one is no longer updated--but check the archive--he's left it up--like the first one--I laugh and I think. It's too bad he's no longer blogging.

There are others I like, but these are the ones I'll share for now.
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Re: Post your favorite blogs

Post by Flintof » Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:08 am

Favorite sports to play competitively:
1. Cricket
2. Football

Favorite sports to watch:
1. Cricket
2. Football
3. Bike Racing
4. Hockey

The one thing people just don't understand is the difference between sports for fun and competitive sports. I play more than two sports for fun, but competitively in a league, just Cricket and Football.

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