QB Elimination Game

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Re: QB Elimination Game

Post by alphonsebelly » Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:11 am

Delhomme 13
Schaub 10
Campbell 10
McNabb 12
Rodgers 11
Ryan 7
Smith 15
Hasselbeck 12
I like your bright idea of going back to score all three got to 16 I think this is one way to do it more quickly. If someone gets a great championship, as Schaub passed, and people want to vote for him constantly, this makes the whole process faster.

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Re: QB Elimination Game

Post by Sir Purrcival » Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:04 am

I guess when the system puts Conredge Holloway ahead of Doug Flutie, you have to say the system has broken because no way would that be a general consensus. Kind of feel the same way about Lancaster and Wilkinson. Both great quarter backs but heads and tails better than Calvillo? Can't really go along with that either. It is great to be a fan of all these players, they did great things but in the end, many of them played in different era's where the styles and types of play were radically different. There is no real sense of how they would have coped in Today's game. We know for a fact that today's players are bigger and faster than they ever have been. If you were to transplant some of the greats of bygone years, I"m not sure they would have been such a force. It's a good short list of greatist QB's but who was the best, ever? Where is Ryan Leaf anyway :devil:
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